Introducing the Atlas Search Playground

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

We are very excited to announce a brand new way to run and test search queries: the Atlas Search Playground.

You can use the Atlas Search Playground to instantly run search queries on your own sample data and try different search index configurations to get the results you want. You can also generate a shareable snapshot URL that anyone can access. So next time you post here for troubleshooting help or give a suggestion to someone else, use a Playground snapshot to share your testing environment.

Check out the Atlas Search Playground Docs page to learn more. If you have feedback or ideas you can let us know here.

We have a lot planned for the Atlas Search Playground and can’t wait to see how y’all use it.

– The MongoDB Atlas Search Team


For some detailed examples and useful tricks to make your playground time more useful, check out this article: Atlas Search Playground: Easy Experimentation | MongoDB

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