Initial setup connection string is broken, gives me one or two of three different errors

I don’t know what half of these terms mean but people sing your praises, I cannot connect via the string and have been trying for over an hour. Currently I get these errors

getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND if I choose mongo with “connection string scheme” above it or bad auth : Authentication failed. if i try to click the other option mongodb+srv

I’ve managed to be gifted a third error TLS/SSL is disabled. If possible, enable TLS/SSL to avoid security vulnerabilities.

Are you trying to connect by Compass?
Does it work with shell?
Bad authentication means wrong combination of userid & password
What is your db & shell version

Compass, via their own website button from compas I signed up and copied the string. All that compas says now is flash an angry red and yellow error giving me technnical gibberish that a new user is not expected to know.

" TLS/SSL is disabled. If possible, enable TLS/SSL to avoid security vulnerabilities." um ok how do i handle this? If you say I need training then this website is built by morons because I could access salesforce and a dozen websites and not need a class.

“getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND” or “bad auth : Authentication failed.” or my personal favorite for I am a piece of garbage coder and don’t know how to make a good user interface this error takes the cake “connect ECONNREFUSED” why is connection refused and what do i do about it?

WTF, now it lets me it at completely random… I just full-on dropped my forehead against the keyboard… and it let me in.

Hahahahaha, awesome !

No not awesome, because whomeever wrote the python tutorial on your own corporate homepage website forgot to test it outside of their own computer. it breaks.

raise NXDOMAIN(qnames=qnames_to_try, responses=nxdomain_responses)
dns.resolver.NXDOMAIN: None of DNS query names exist:,

During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

I go to load the API and get an error as it won’t even show what database I’m connected to. FML menu loads and its empty, its an empty box.

Hi @Andrew_Last welcome to the community!

Sorry you’re having trouble that seems cryptic to you. I totally sympathize how frustrating it is to see cryptic error messages. We’ve all been there :slight_smile: Could you help us understand what you’re trying to do so we can help you achieve it?

As I understand it, you’re trying to follow the tutorial in this blog post: Build Applications With MongoDB And Python | MongoDB

Could you tell us at what point you got stuck, and the error message you see at that point?

Best regards

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