In practice is MongoDB = MongoDB Atlas?

Do you think that MongoDB is pushing to use only atlas?

The community edition is lacking basic features i think, that almost all apps even small ones need.

Community Edition limitations

For example Full text search, Vector seach for AI apps(i guess all apps will be AI apps very soon if not already), streams processing and others, those things are needed from all type of applications even the smallest ones, especially now that AI will be in all apps.

I had MongoDB community local installed, i moved the data in M0 Atlas, and i got a 7x slower response in my queries, either because M0 is slow or because data had to travel throw network. Not even mongodump was supported and i had to do those by hand.

I really like MongoDB but if MongoDB = MongoDB Atlas maybe this is a reason why PostgreSQL while it was less popular, now its more popular than MongoDB.

Am i wrong? I fear Atlas when i shouldn’t?

I fear that its even worse and MongoDB = MongoDB Atlas M10+ , because M0,M2,M5 again have serious limitations, even for the small apps.

Hi Takis,

Your feedback is greatly appreciated: we understand that to earn the right to service your workloads you are going to want to know you can self-manage on MongoDB Community as an option. I can assure you that if we could bring capabilities in Atlas to MongoDB Community easily, we would do so. You will see us bring some capabilities to Atlas first because we can innovate very quickly in a cloud service context whereas delivering something as self-managed software that can be operated by the community for production use cases at scale requires serious focus and investment

The good news is we’ve already taken a small step here: the Atlas CLI allows you to run Search and Vector Search for development in a fully local way. We look forward to finding a path to deliver even more to the local experience over time.