I setup replication between MySQL and Mongodb using Relational Migrator

I setup replication between MySQL and Mongodb using Relational Migrator.

However, The initial load works but the CDC doesn’t work. No errors but the records I inserted to MySQL doesn’t replicate to MongoDB. No errors in the logs as well. An help would be appreciated.


Hi @Harsha_Nanayakkara1 and welcome to the community!
Have you select as migration options the flag continuous?

From the documentation:



Included in the ‘create a sync job’ page are some important details regarding scripts/configuration that needs to occur on the source database. Without these being executed the CDC will not be able to proceed.

Once you have established the database connection and specified the job type on the Migration Options form, Relational Migrator conducts various checks to ensure that the database is configured correctly. If any configuration is missing, a banner appears indicating that the database is not properly configured, with a GENERATE SCRIPT button to download a SQL script.

This script includes the required configuration statements and additional instructions in the form of comments.

Screen looks like:


Hello Elder,

Appreciate willing to answer my issue. Yes. It says “CDC in Progress” but when I insert records to my source table, I am not seeing in the MongoDB target. I have attached a screenshot as well.



That look okay to me @Fabio_Ramohitaj

Going to tag @tomhollander he might have something to suggest.


The “preflight check” and the downloadable script are in the dialog prior to starting the job (shown in @chris 's screenshot above).

But if you want to check the setup manually, you can follow the guidance in this Debezium doc page (Debezium is a library we use in Relational Migrator for CDC):

Debezium connector for MySQL :: Debezium Documentation

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Yes, but looking at the screenshot, it appears that the event of adding a new row to the table, never went through the relational migrator at least that it was not done in the same minute (i.e., right after the migration of the data already there). I would try to follow the suggestion of @tomhollander or otherwise to see the logs.