How to use $search after $loookup

I am using mongodb’s scala driver 2.9[ Mongo Scala Driver - org.mongodb.scala.model.Aggregates ].

I wish to use the $search stage after a $lookup stage (as mentioned here:

However, according to the mongodb’s scala driver 2.9 (link above), I am unable to find a $lookup api which allows me to perform a lookup on a specific field, as well as use the sub pipeline in which I can use the $search stage.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @Nemin_Shah and welcome to the MongoDB community forum!!

I believe the link below would be the right Api to be used to create the pipeline inside the $lookup

Let us know if you have any other questions .


Hello @Aasawari,

I dont seem to find a lookup API with the following fields as depicted here

Either it has the first four fields, or the last one. Im looking for the lookup API with all these five fields.

Thank you!