How to use LinkingObjects with objective-c Realm?


I’m a newbie in realm. I’m using objective-c realm.

I’ve looked at mongo documentation for LinkingObjects in realmSwift. I’m trying to do the same in realm objective-c.

is there an equivalent thing in objective-c or a workaround?

my use case is:
I’ve Category that has a list (RLMArray). I assume each time I update an item, it will be updated in Category instance.


Hi @Hagar, welcome to the forums. We would be happy to help.

Many components of Realm have their roots in ObjC so it’s well supported. When your going through the Getting Started Guide, most of the example code has a couple of tabs at the top of each code segment; Swift, Objective C

See the documentation Linking Objects

In general a linkingObject property is defined like this:

@property (readonly) RLMLinkingObjects *tasks;

If you have some specific code you need help with, post it and we’ll take a look.

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