How to get access to the other fields of the reference field in the mongo charts?

While trying to create charts unable to access the fields of the reference field. For example in collection A i have a reference field collection B. And I am unable to create a chart which has field A1, A2, A3(from collection A ) and B1, B2, B3 from collection B in a single chart.

Hi @Shankar_Reddy , please see this page for details on how to do this:
Add a Lookup Field — MongoDB Charts

I tried this as its a reference field when adding the id from the other collection it returns null for all rows.

@tomhollander On add a added field to get the id from the reference field it does not show the lookup field option.

This is not how you add lookup fields. You need to use the … menu on the field you want to use to look up matching values in the other collection. On that menu you will see a Lookup Fields option.

lookup field works if id is stored and not the ref field of the collection

@tomhollander I think the issue might be that for the reference field in the fields it should show it as a embedded field with $id as the field.
Now it just shows the name and on accessing gives object object.