How long does a cluster snapshot take to restore?

How long (roughly) should a snapshot restore take on an Atlas cluster, I have an M2 instance where the database is only 580MB.

Hi @Jeremy_Sales and welcome to MongoDB community forums!!

Ideally, for a data with a small size, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

However, if the restore process takes longer than expected, you might want to check the Atlas UI showing any cause of the delay during the process.

Since for M2 and M5, the snapshots are automatically created, can you confirm if you are creating any on demand snapshots for the cluster. If yes, can you share the details for the same.

Please take a look at the following documentation for further assistance.

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  2. Restore from snapshot.
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Hi Aasawari,

why does the time to restore depend on the data size? Isn’t it just a volume that is attached to the cluster? So, it would be independent to the size.
I’m asking because we’re running a 1TB database and we used to think it takes less then half an hour.

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