How Do I Verify Email Address (No Email in Inbox)

Hi, all.

On my Organization Access Manager screen for my project, it says “Email has not been verified” under the “Email Last Verified Date” heading. So, I want to ask: how do I verify my email address now?

Also: how can I make sure that I used my database user password to try to connect to the database and not my account password?

What email id you have used while creating your account?
Check that mail box and follow the link
Regarding userid/password to access your database have you created the user?After creating your Sandbox cluster you have step to create database user

I’m using Google as an ID provider for the account. I can’t find a verification email now, but maybe I had one before.

I was able to connect successfully just now, though, so that problem’s been taken care of.

For the second part of your question, In MongoDB Atlas control plane and data plane users are separate. So users cannot use their Atlas UI credentials to connect to database. The only exception is Data Explorer which allows interaction with your data through Atlas UI. You can turn it off if needed

You can create database users under Data Access tab of respective project. These users can interact with your database using tools like MongoDB Shell, Compass or drivers.

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