How can I save realm server logs into a collection for better queryability?

I had an event over the weekend where a developer released some code which caused a large number of errors in one of our realm functions (as fired from a trigger). It ran for almost 3 days before somebody noticed it, and even using the REST API, the number of logs I could query to understand the extent of the impact was only 100 at a time. This was not at all sufficient and it ended up wasting a lot of time. I still cannot say the full extent of the impact without writing a script to increment over different time slots and aggregate them in a file.

How can we save the Realm Logs into a collection so that I can query them, or possibly even apply different analytics on our use patterns?

If nothing else, please remove the 100 item limit on the API. That is ridiculously small for the service it needs to fulfill – anything that’s just a small number of records can be handled easily enough via the user interface.

Hi @Eve_Ragins, I think that this is a good suggestion and it would be great if you could add it to (I see other requests there around Realm logs, but this one doesn’t seem to be covered.

Cheers, Andrew.