How can I set up alerts for when there's an Error in Realm?

This question relates to my other question about saving logs: How can I save realm server logs into a collection for better queryability?

Some bad code went out to production and we didn’t identify that there a problem for several days. How can I sign myself up to get notified when there are errors in realm (particularly around realm function calls)?

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Hi Eve,

Currently the only alerts that you get notified about in Realm is for Sync/Trigger failures.
To allow for wider alert monitoring, our team are planning to have other events propagate into the Atlas activity feed as a future improvement.

This feature request has also been posted in our feedback portal here, please feel free to vote on this request to get updates if anything changes.

As a workaround you could add a try/catch block in your function that posts the error to a third party monitoring tool.