How can I create Atlas -vector search index if my data lies in MongoDb not in Mongodb atlas

My data lie lies In Mongodb aws instance .

As per above instruction the data should be in mongodb atlas . it is possible to creat index using Mongodb .

My requirement is to use vector search with amazon bedrock

thanks in advance

Hi @Swapnil_Cheerla , The Vector Search is available only in the MongoDB Atlas currently, thus not possible to create vector index with self hosted MongoDB
How do you want to use vector search with Bedrock - like which embedding or generative model In Bedrock are you looking to use?
MongoDB Atlas is available on AWS and you get a single billing in AWS Console, and it works well with Amazon Bedrock.

I want to prevent to move data out of MongoDB and embed with an external vector store.

I want to embed the MongoDB data in it’s native vector store, that could point Amazon Bedrock direct to MongoDB.

My plan its to build chat bot for our organization using amazon bedrock and get a data from MongoDB

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Hey @Swapnil_Cheerla

Out of curiosity will you be using Bedrock Agents + Knowledge Base? Or just models in bedrock?

Hi @Benjamin_Flast Just models in bedrock because knowledge base has limit of 50mb and bedrock agents supports only 2 knowledge base for agent