Hello, I'm Kailash

Hello everyone,
Myself Kailash Kejriwal, a CS student from IIIT Gwalior, India, currently in my pre-final year. I love to contribute to open-source and have also been a contributor in the Google Summer of Code 2022. I am proficient with NodeJS, Golang, Python and also good with blockchain. More of me at kailashk.me

I have been using MongoDB for more than a year and now want to contribute to the MongoDB community. Hope to learn and contribute in this journey.

Thank you


Hey @Kailash_Kejriwal,
Welcome to MongoDB Community!

We are excited to have you here and we love your enthusiasm to learn and give back to the community.

Let us know if there is something specific you are looking at and we will guide you in the right direction :slight_smile:


Hello Harshit,
I am willing to contribute to MongoDB and want to know how should I start with the contributions?

Hey there, Kailash! Great to meet you! I’m also a Google Summer of Code alumnus. :slight_smile: high fives


Hey @Kailash_Kejriwal,

Sorry for the delayed response here!

Would love to understand your interests and in which area are you looking to contribute (for ex: Docs, Drivers, Server, Testing, Q&A, Example Apps) to then help detail the right contribution opportunity.

In the meantime below are some links and project links that you can explore:

Each project will have information about how to contribute. We recommend starting with a small issue that solves a problem for you and having some discussion with the project collaborators (for example, on the relevant issue or discussion list) to try to ensure this is a desired change.

You can also participate in some of our community programs:

  • Contribute to the community by answering questions in the forums: We have some amazing forum badges that help you elevate to becoming a Forum Elder based on your activity. You can start by looking at the following discussion categories.

    • Working with Data: Discussions about crud operations, aggregation, indexes, performance, data modeling, schema validation, change streams, and transactions.
    • MongoDB Atlas: Discussions about MongoDB Atlas including Charts, Data Lake, Search, and Serverless.
    • MongoDB Atlas App Services & Realm: Discussions about:
      • MongoDB Atlas App Services that simplify building applications with Atlas. Services include Atlas Device Sync, Atlas Triggers, Atlas Data API, and Atlas GraphQL API.
      • Realm is an open-source, client-side datastore that can optionally be connected to Atlas via Atlas Device Sync
    • Ops and Admin: Discussions for database administrators who are installing, configuring, securing, monitoring, upgrading, and scaling MongoDB deployments.
  • Participating in our #100daysofcode Challenge: Join, learn and motivate other community members to learn with you in your learning journey.

  • Contribute to your local MongoDB Community by volunteering, speaking, or leading your local MongoDB User Groups(MUG)

Let us know if this is helpful and please share your interests so that we can help you better.