Atlas Forms - an Open Source end-user frontend (Lowcode) for Atlas

I’d like to let foks know about a new open source community project wed love you to join or even own.

Atlas Forms is a forms based frontend to data in Atlas allowing you to Crete, Query, Edit and Manage data as an end user rahter than as a developer. It’s an example application that’s ready to use in production. You can apply your own RBAC and DBAC security and business rules simply by writing addition JS functions.

It’s also serverless as it’s on the Develoepr Data Platform and can run on the free tier ( The getting started explains why you might need to prove who you are to get free hosting)

Rather than tell you about it check the repo at [GitHub - mongodb-developer/AtlasForms: Forms Based UI for MongoDB Atlas] and from there read the Manual (User/Admin/Developer)

There isn’t a public demo setup yet for you to just use it, we may do that but obviously if we set up a shared demo setup we can’t let everyone have admin access which means you don’t get to see lots fo cool features - the Getting Started will let you install your own setup, for free in about 20 minutes.