How to contribute to the MongoDB documentation

G’day folks,

Ever wondered if (or how) you can contribute to the MongoDB documentation?

There are several paths for contributing feedback or even directly to MongoDB documentation via GitHub PRs. I’ve outlined these paths below in increasing order of effort for both yourself and the documentation team.

1. Provide feedback directly via a documentation page

  • The bottom right of most MongoDB documentation pages will have a “Share Feedback” button pinned near the bottom right of the visible page:


    The feedback widget is designed to capture quick directional feedback as well as more detailed suggestions.

  • The first step of feedback asks about helpfulness:


  • The second (and final) step prompts for a comment:


    The button to the left of “Send” allows you to take a screenshot, which can be useful if there is a problem with how the page is rendered in your browser.

2. Report an Issue in the MongoDB Jira DOCS project

You can Report an issue or make a change request by creating a DOCS issue in the MongoDB Jira Issue Tracker.

This path doesn’t capture as much context as the feedback widget embedded in the online documentation and may take longer for the team to review.

A great DOCS issue should include enough details to be actionable such as:

  • url for the relevant documentation section
  • browser version used (for display or UX issues)
  • suggested improvements
  • links to relevant community discussions

3. Contribute directly to the documentation

MongoDB server and driver documentation source is available on GitHub and you can contribute to the documentation by signing the contributor agreement and making a pull request on GitHub.

With this path I recommend first creating a DOCS issue so there is context for why you are making a change as well as an issue for the documentation team to track via their Jira dashboards and workflow.

Any significant changes may require some discussion to agree on approach, and there are expectations around writing, style, and process to help create a consistent high quality experience as per The MongoDB Documentation Project. The Practices and Processes section provides a good overview for contributors.

We appreciate any feedback and contributions provided, including suggestions on how to improve those processes!