Guest Author Series: MongoDB + Kubernetes Operator on GCloud, Ops Manager on Kubernetes, MDB on Multiple Kubernetes Clusters, and Mastering Data API Features w/ Atlas CLI!

Hey folks!

Billy Lim, program lead for the Community Advocacy Program (née Champions) which you should totally apply for in our next intake (TBD)!

One of our stellar members @Arkadiusz_Borucki has published the third and final piece of his series for the inaugural season of the MongoDB Developer Center’s Guest Author Program.

You should most definitely take a read.

Also please feel free to do a Arek a solid and support your fellow Community members here and in the future generally by sharing valuable knowledge on your social media. Let knowledge spread from more to more.

Part One A: Deploying the MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator on Google Cloud
Part One B: Mastering MongoDB Ops Manager on Kubernetes
Part Two: Deploying MongoDB Across Multiple Kubernetes Clusters With MongoDBMulti
Part Three: Mastering the Advanced Features of the Data API with Atlas CLI

If you’re interested in getting your own learnings + knowledge published, growing your written advocacy skills, and/or just supporting the community’s technical acumen — participating in the Guest Author’s Program is an excellent strategy.

Please reach out to @Joel_Lord if you’re interested. You’re free to talk to me as well in case Joel’s unavailable - not quite as close to the programming as he is, but should be able to talk you through. :o)


Billy Lim

CAP Lead
Senior Community Engagement Manager, Global Developer Community


If you want to submit a topic for the guest author program, fill out the following form, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.