Google Sign In Realm/ Atlas App Services with React native

Hello. I am trying to implement Google-Sign-In for a React-Native app using Atlas App Services using this tutorial:

The problem is that my ios app returns this error:

RNGoogleSignin: failed to determine clientID - GoogleService-Info.plist was not found and iosClientId was not provided. To fix this error: if you have GoogleService-Info.plist file (usually downloaded from firebase) place it into the project as seen in the iOS guide. Otherwise pass iosClientId option to configure( )

I am not using Firebase , using Atlas App Services instead as my backend.
So, the error message tells me to either use Firebase to get GoogleService-Info.plist or use iosClientID as opposed to webClientID which is required by Atlas App Services tutorial.

If I don’t use webClientID I can’t pass the URLs required for this Atlas App Services tutorial: in Javascript SDKs.

Anyone can give me an idea of how to use Atlas App Services along with SignIN with Google?


PS: I don’t know much about Firebase. Should I use Firebase and Atlas App Services or can I use it only to get the file that I need? I’m a little confused.