[ftdc] serverStatus was very slow often preceding crashes (with no other msgs in the logs)

In the past weeks we’ve been observing strange interruptions in our service that was identified as mongoDb crashing/shutting down. There are no error messages in the logs, but today I did notice the very last entry in the log:
[ftdc] serverStatus was very slow: { after basic: 153, after asserts: 331, after backgroundFlushing: 376,
after connections: 424, after dur: 453, after electionMetrics: 665, after extra_info: 842, after freeMonitoring: 1111,
after globalLock: 1598, after locks: 1970, after logicalSessionRecordCache: 2302, after network: 2662, after opLatencies: 2809,
after opReadConcernCounters: 2854, after opcounters: 2884, after opcountersRepl: 2974, after oplogTruncation: 3557, after repl:
3714, after security: 3724, after storageEngine: 3857, after tcmalloc: 4018, after transactions: 4130, after transportSecurity: 4361,
after wiredTiger: 5896, at end: 6783 }

We run our instance on a VM. I do remember reading that malware/antivirus scans can interfere with mongod, but can there be any other known causes that we can look into? Thanks a lot

Hi @Petr_N_A and welcome to MongoDB community forums!!

Unfortunately, we do not have the right tools to look at your ftdc data. It would be helpful if you could share more details on the error that you are seeing.
If you wish to look deeper into the issue, the recommendation would be to contact the MongoDB Support channels and raise the request with all necessary details.

Else, it would be helpful if you could share more details on the deployment and the error that you are facing.

  1. What kind of deployment are you on?
  2. What is the error message that you are seeing?
  3. Is there any specific condition when you are seeing the issue?
  4. The MongoDB version you are on