Free account - how to submit a ticket to MongoDB Atlas support?

It looks like we will be unable to publish to Mongodb Atlas or MongoDB Atlas App Services and Realm

Since if I try to open a ticket from Jira:

None of them refer to MongoDB Atlas or Atlas service.

Although it is strange since

By contacting the link “Contacting MongDB” a form appears that has nothing about reporting tickets. It’s just a contact form to get you interested in Mongodb Atlas

Well at this point I find another site:

This link simply goes to my Mongodb Atlas dashboard.

I decide to look for another alternative…
None of them refer to submitting a ticket:

Let’s try something else, I’ll go to the subscription part:

So my question is
If in Jira we don’t see Mongodb Atlas or MongoDB Atlas App Services and Realm, does that mean it should be hidden?
Or is there another section?

Hi there –
to reach the atlas support team, you click the small green icon in the lower right corner in the Atlas UI OR you can click it on – there’s a dark green button near the lower 80% of the monitor that says contact us. You want to click “PRODUCT SUPPORT”. If you end up in a weird loop with sales, just repeatedly tell them or the bot you want to talk to the support team.