Feature Request - MongoDB Atlas / Charts Mobile App


More often than not, I need to check some metrics happening in my Atlas database, for example number of users signing up (# of docs in a collection).

Currently I use Charts to build a dashboard and host it somewhere so that I can quickly check the numbers on phone.

Is there any way to get an official MongoDB Atlas or Compass support as a mobile app?
If not, can we access charts in view only mode in mobile app?


Hi @shrey_batra and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

Depending of the rights the Atlas user has on the dashboard, it can be able to edit the charts or not.
But if your goal is to just see a few Charts or even a dashboard from your phone, I would just create an App in the Atlas App Service, activate the hosting feature and create a tiny HTML page in which you can embed the iframes of the Charts / dashboard from MDB Charts.

In this blog post you have an example of how to make it dynamic but they also explain how to just embed a chart:


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Hi thanks,

The steps and solution you mentioned I do that already :slight_smile:

I was hoping to have some type of custom query tool / chart building tool on phone so that we can pull up adhoc results on the fly, without opening our laptops or building the static html page.

Oooh I misunderstood the need a bit :sweat_smile: !

Well I think this is a nice feature request for the team. You can submit it here in the Charts section. If you get enough votes, it’s probably the future! :muscle: