Failure connecting Amazon Bedrock knowledge bases to MongoDB Atlas

I’m trying to connect Amazon Bedrock Knowledge bases to MongoDB Atlas. The process of creating a Bedrock knowledge base continues to fail when I use MongoDB Atlas, after about 30 minutes.

I followed the documentation from MongoDB, but it just doesn’t work. The documentation is also incomplete because it doesn’t say how to exactly set up the AWS Secrets Manager secret.

Has anyone actually tested this integration and ensured that it works?

I’ve attempted to open up network access to It still fails repeatedly.

Using Pinecone DB works just fine on the first try. I would expect MongoDB Atlas to work the same way.

What can I do to get this working?

Hey Trevor

Thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble here.

Can you point me to the documentation you’re following to set this up or are you just following the in-product Bedrock flow? Also, what Atlas Cluster tier are you using?

This guide should explain everything including the format of the secrets manager secret:

If it’s easier, I’d be happy to jump on a call and help get to the bottom of this quickly.


Hello Ben,

Thanks for responding. This is the documentation that I am following:

This document doesn’t mention how to structure the AWS Secrets Manager secret, so I suspect that maybe using the username and password keys are not correct?

Let me take a look at the blog post you shared, and see if it fills in any missing gaps. Otherwise I will go ahead and set up a call with you, if I still can’t get it to work.

Have you recently set up this integration successfully?

Hi Trevor,

I am getting the same issue while creating the AWS Knowledgebase to MongoDB Atlas. Did you find any workaround for it. I am using MongoDB M0 free tier cluster. Please share if you found anything related to this.


Pardon the delayed reply here. @Trevor and I caught up and the origin of the issue is related to requirements that AWS Bedrock has during configuration.

At this point, AWS Bedrock Knowledge Bases with MongoDB are only supported on M10 or higher clusters. We are looking to add compatibility for M0 to M5 clusters in the future.

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I just upgraded the cluster to M10, but I still get this issue.

Hey @Rishabh_Singh3 can you share what error it is? And confirm that you’ve allow listed all ips via

Feel free to schedule some time with me to trouble shoot live.