Errors while following the MERN stack tutorial

I was following along with the How to use the MERN Stack: A Complete Guide and I have had issues troubleshooting the errors in Chrome Dev Tools after starting the server and the client. I installed typescript in both folders and enabled type checking so as to try fixing any underlying syntax or import issues. I updated all imports to ES6 and updated the index.js to use the React 18 version of importing React-DOM.

The errors that appear in the console are:

I also have several errors in the server folder that are noted with TypeScript:

  • Argument of type Router is not assignable to parameter of type String server/server.js


  • Argument of useNewUrlParser is not assignable to parameter of type MongoClientOptions. Object literal may only specify known properties, and useNewUrlParser does not exist in type MongoClientOptions server/db/conn.js

const client = new MongoClient(Db, {
useNewUrlParser: true,
useUnifiedTopology: true,

  • Expected 0 arguments, but got 1 /server/routes/record.js

let db_connect = getDb(“CoffeeList”);

Any help on clearing these errors would be greatly appreciated! Cheers

Fixed the client connection issue by updating the code to

const client = MongoClient.connect(Db);

Fixed recordRoutes by removing require