Error installing with Homebrew: Your Xcode (14.0.1) is too outdated

I tried above command to solve issue but not able to solve it.
it showing me below error. Please help me to solve error. (ventura 13 is install in Intel Mac)

==> Installing mongodb-community@6.0 from mongodb/brew

Error: Your Xcode (14.0.1) is too outdated.

Please update to Xcode 14.1 (or delete it).

Xcode can be updated from the App Store.

Welcome to the MongoDB Community @Code_Entic !

This error message is coming from Homebrew: you need to update Xcode (or the Xcode Command Line Tools) after a major O/S upgrade. See: Installation — Homebrew Documentation.

Xcode 14.1 is still at the release candidate stage so you will either have to wait for the GA release or download a release candidate from Apple’s developer download page if you want to use Homebrew. Related discussion: macOS 13 (Ventura) and gcc-12 · Issue #113968 · Homebrew/homebrew-core · GitHub.

As a workaround (if you don’t want to install RCs), you can also get MongoDB binaries from the MongoDB Downloads page. This is slightly less convenient than a Homebrew install as you would have to manually set up a launchctl definition if you want to start/stop mongod as a service, however you can always move to a brew install later.

Per discussion on the Homebrew GitHub issue above, it is unusual for a new macOS SDK not to be realised simultaneously with the O/S but it would be reasonable to expect that very soon.


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Hi @Code_Entic,

I noticed Command Line Tools for Xcode 14.1 are now available, so you should be able to install this Ventura Homebrew prerequisite via macOS Software Update.


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