EMERGENCY || Unable to Connect MongoDB Atlas with Power BI

I have tried both ODBC Connector ( DSN ) and Atlas SQL to Connect Mongodb with Power BI, both Not working. The errors showing while trying to connect-
Atlas SQL connection == “Missing client library for the Data source”

ODBC connector == Unable to connect ODBC with MongoDB, The Test Connection fails…
Please Suggest me How to Connect MongoDB with Power BI.

Hello we having simulare issue in PowerBi Cleint- We keep getting the same eroor "
"Details: “Missing client library for datasource
Visit MongoDB Atlas SQL Interface | MongoDB for more information.”
We have the source installed is there something else that should be instlled…


Sam Marrazzo

Are you getting this error in Power BI Desktop or Service/Cloud?

Also, Please ensure you are using the correct ODBC driver from our download center: Download Atlas SQL ODBC Driver | MongoDB
Download this driver and run through the install.

Then, the next thing to check is that your connection string is correct, as in it is the right one for the SQL Interface: did you enable Atlas SQL? https://www.mongodb.com/docs/atlas/data-federation/query/sql/powerbi/connect/
If you are still stuck please email me a screen shot or place here if not sensitive, and I will be able to see where this problem is occurring. Alexi.antonino@mongodb.com