Download MongoDB

Can anyone pls post the link to download mongoDB offline. Thx.

Hello @Aryan_Gatade, welcome to the MongoDB Community forum!

You can download the MongoDB Community edition at the below link. Select your platform and other options as needed. You can further install and work with it on your computer.

The installation instructions:

Can you send me a video by replying here about how to install and download the 4.6 version? Thx.

@Aryan_Gatade, the links are all I know about - to download and install MongoDB. I don’t know about any videos. I suggest, you try those and post any issues you may have on this forum.

Can you record your screen thing and make a video? Pls.

Hello @Aryan_Gatade, I don’t have such facility to help you with. So, for now you have to do with the links I had attached in my earlier post.

But, there are some video / online material, tutorials, blog posts, articles, etc., for other topics and for learning MongoDB programming and administration. There is a menu at the top of this page and you can find the resources. Further, you can also learn from the free online video courses at MongoDB University (there is an entry level course called as MongoDB Basics).

Hi @Aryan_Gatade,

Can you explain the video requirement a bit further? Is there something that can be improved in the documentation or download centre to help you find what you are looking for?

Can you also share your O/S version? That would be helpful context for someone to provide more direct links to tutorials or download resources.

The latest production release series of MongoDB is currently 4.4. The next major production release series will be 5.0.