Doing Hacker News Stream from API but not getting data back

I am doing this tutorial:

This is my repo:

Using this API

Unofficial Hacker News Streaming API

uses HN's firebase API as the data source. endpoints below are powered by

contact: justin

Between this and HNSearch, maybe your programs don't have to hit HN itself too much.

All articles start: GET

All articles next: GET{last_cursor}

All articles stream: GET

All comments start: GET

All comments next: GET{last_cursor}

All comments stream: GET

Per-article comments start: GET{article-id}/comments/items/

Per-article comments next: GET{article-id}/comments/items/?since=cursor:{last_cursor}

Per-article comments stream: GET{article-id}/comments/stream/

The "all comments" API is being used below, to display the latest comments as they are posted.

Bug I am having

No data seems to come back from the call to the stream API or even via Postman

Time taken by addCount function: 5:40.278 (m:ss.mmm)


When I call

Or GET via postman

Hi @Tom_Connors,

Thanks for reaching out.
Indeed, looks like the unofficial HN API is down today at least. I just sent an email to the author of the API to notify him about the issue: Justin Karneges

For the bots that I have that are notifying us in Slack, I’m now using the official HN API: GitHub - HackerNews/API: Documentation and Samples for the Official HN API. No stream there so I had to build my own system to pull the posts and put them in a MongoDB cluster but… It’s been more reliable to me so far.




Justin replied to me, the problem is fixed, the API is back online \o/ !


The above command starts to return comments after a few seconds.


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Wow it works. Thank you very much!!
btw, about this other tutorial, I am wondering how the files in GitHub are supposed to populate the MongoDB dashboard - do I paste them in and if so how do they get updated when I change them in my local and push via GitHub?

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