YouTube Stats Tutorial - creating functions - can use GitHub or must manually create?

I am doing this tutorial

With this repo:

My repo is here:

When I make a commit in my repo, it says the application is deployed, yet the code in the repo is not in the dashboard. I am supposed to paste it in one-by-one or is it supposed to be populated and synced with my repo?


Hi @Tom_Connors,

Have you been through these steps first (first deployment section in the readme)?

Looks like there is an issue with your repo. You have a Realm app in / and one in /realm.

I think the idea wasn’t to fork this repo and then reuse the same repo to sync the Realm app with your new Realm app. This repo was created just to share the template to get you started. Then you can optionally sync and deploy through Github with a blank repo I guess.