Docker server product type

I would like to know what server is actually running in the official mongo docker image. Is it the MongoDB Enterprise Server or the MongDB Community Server?
Is it a clear instance of one of the server or does it have any additional applications added?


Hi @Ladislav_Chvila welcome to the community!

The “official” Docker image is a bit of a misnomer since it’s not really officially supported by MongoDB, but rather it’s Docker’s official, so any issues regarding the image should be reported in their specific Github Issues page.

I believe for the Docker image, you can choose to have either Community or Enterprise as seen in this line in the source Dockerfile

The default seems to be Community though, so you’ll need to do a docker build yourself to get the Enterprise edition. Note that the Enterprise edition is free to try, but it’s part of the Enterprise Advanced subscription so you’ll need that subscription to run it in production.

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