Discuss about how to backup Ops-manager mongodb

Hi guys, I’m new to MongoDB and Ops manager.
I was able to set up the ops manager with 3 hosts, but I have a question about how to backup ops manager Mongodb.
If I upgrade the ops manager MongoDB version from 4.2 to 4.4, will it cause any data loss?
If yes, how does it work and what should I do about this?

I found this on MongoDB’s official website, is this the solution or architected to backup ops manager Mongodb?

Hi @Leslie_Lee and welcome to the MongoDB Community forum!!

The documentation on how to backup an Ops Manager is a resource that you can refer to.

Ideally, during an upgrade, there should not be any data loss, unless something goes south during the upgrade.
You can refer to the documentation for Ops Manager upgrade to know about the process of upgradation.

As Ops Manager is part of the MongoDB Enterprise edition, I would recommend contacting MongoDB support for additional assistance.


Hi Aasawari,

Thanks for your reply and advise.
Which mean if I want to do the same deployment as below diagram, I should use File system store or S3 blockstore?
How about this two ops manager? How it connect in same replica set?