Debugging function's Expression Evaluations with "%%request"

Following up on this

I need to

  • specific an Authorization Express in the function
  • in which "%%request.httpReferrer" is referred / used.

Is there any way I can debug it in function’s local console, before deploying it and testing it via https endpoint visiting?


The UI console is mainly for testing the code in the function not the configurations of the function.
You’ll need to debug it by calling the function as it would work in production and observe at the app logs.

If you need to console.log the value of referrer within the code this will suffice which will appear in the app logs:


Thanks Mansoor.

This is what I’m getting from the app logs, even after clicking on the “Request ID”:

I.e., I’m not able to see anything than the end point and the “Request ID”.

Would you explain a bit more on how to see the context.request.httpReferrer in the app logs pls? thx

Oh, by downloading it?

You can expand that log entry by clicking the arrow and it should show your console log.

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