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View Logs in the Atlas App Services UI

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You can view, filter, search, and download an application's logs in the Atlas App Services UI. In the left-hand navigation, under Manage, select Logs:

View Logs in the App Services UI

On the Logs screen, you can do the following:

Filter the log entries
Drop-down menus enable filtering by predefined types of log entry, the status of entries. You can also specify a date range, filter by user ID, and show only entries associated with a specific request ID.
Limit the number of log entries in the view
In the text field with the placeholder text Max # of Logs, enter the maximum number of results you want to display on the page. If there are more records beyond your limit, you will see a Load More button at the bottom of the list of log entries.
Download the results

Click the download button, to the right of the Apply button, to download the log entries that meet your filter criteria (or all log entries if you haven't specified any filters). When you click this button, a dialog appears confirming the filters that will be applied and prompting you to (optionally) limit the number of results. The resulting collection of log entries is in a .zip file that contains a single JSON file.

Download Logs in the App Services UI
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