Debian 12 (bookworm) support


I like to install MongoDB on Debian 12, but that wasn’t the smooth sail that I hoped. The signs looked good: the manual has a tutorial for Debian 11 [1], and the Mongo repository [2] contains the bookworm (=Debian 12) distro.

Unfortunately, the Debian 12 repository for amd64 is missing the mongodb-database-tools (required by mongodb-org). For arm64, nearly everything is missing. no mongodb-org, no mongodb-org-server That’s too bad, since I like to test my deployments in a container on my Mac.

The Platform Support Matrix lists Debian 12 is listed as supported platform (but only for amd64/x86_64, not for arm64/aarch64), but I can not download it from the MongoDB Community Server Download: if you “Select package”, the list presented does simply not include Debian 12 (only “Debian 11.0 x64”).

So far I’ve seen a few install scripts that seem to use the Ubuntu sources even to install things on Debian. That seems a bit hackish to me, and I wonder how reliable this is in the long run. The good news is that it seems to work. At least an install script that installed MongoDB 3.6 from Ubuntu xenial (16) seemed to work for me. And given that MongoDB properly supports arm64 architecture on Ubuntu, this seems like a way forward. That said, you can imagine I prefer a slightly newer version, and this is were things may not be as reliable. Nearly all dependencies are the same between Debian and Ubuntu, with the exception of libcomerr2. That still exists on Debian, but is now renamed to libcom-err2 (and the transitional libcomerr2 package is gone since Debian 11). I’m sure I can hack around this, but frankly all I need MongoDB for is that it is a dependency of some other software that I like to run (Unifi wifi controller). That makes me query about the reliability of this method in the long run.

So, what is the actual support for Debian 12? It is listed, but seems non-functional. And what is the recommend way forward? To use packages/sources from the Ubuntu distribution instead?

Edit: Links removed because the forum does not allow more than 3 links per post:
[1] mongodb dot com /docs/manual/tutorial/install-mongodb-on-debian/
[2] repo dot mongodb dot org /apt/debian/dists/

Its either a docs bug or a build/packaging bug, either way you can go and create a JIRA to report it .

Bug report created at

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If you can’t wait I’d recommend running a container or a VM under Deb 12