Day 1 of the MongoDB World Hackathon '22 begins!

Welcome to all of you who have signed up so far! We look forward to sharing this journey with you and we’re glad you’re here.

Just to orient you about how the hackathon will work

  • all activities will take place via this forum
  • we will shortly post a schedule regarding the live and recorded events to participate in. These will include the on-boarding to the hackathon and the various presentations & office hours that we’ll be holding throughout the 6 weeks. These live activities will generally take place on Tuesdays & Thursday and at different times to suit our global audience.
  • As per the details in “About the Hackathon” the hackathon is all about Data as News and we’ll shortly be posting a primer and sample apps that we have created as reference for you on the GDELT dataset. We will link to that when ready.
  • To participate, we want you to register for MongoDB Atlas and to help you, we’ve $100 of Atlas credits for all participants. Simply set up your account and then go to “billing” and use the code WORLDHACK22 to apply $100 of Atlas credits to your account to get you started.

We see a number of you have posted skills on Hackers looking for projects category already - this is great. We encourage others to do likewise, and also, for those of you with ideas, and need help, please post on Projects looking for hackers likewise.

So, for now, please -

  • head over to the Resources section to learn more
  • post replies and topics here so we can get the conversations going

Get hacking!!

The Hackathon Team!