Database design - Job Portal

Well, this more about Database design question. I have good idea about designing SQL for use cases like job portal but when it comes to Mongodb, i am a lot confused. Also, there is hardly any resource present on the web to guide me through.
I have followed this link to understand patterns which made few things clear -

Still, I see there is lack of resources explaining dos and don’ts and hows and whys of database designing. Complicated schema design like Job portal requires a lot of thoughts - number of documents, data duplication, memory optimization, document size, in absence of joins what is the best ways to improve performance.

If there are such samples of use case explained be guide me to those links/resources. Otherwise, for the community such resources should be added so that switching from sql to mongo becomes easier.


Hello @SAURAV_KUMAR welcome to the community,

the move from SQL to noSQL is mainly to think in denormalized data. With an noSQL approach you do not want to have the least redundancy, more over your model is driven by the needs of your data requests plus some performance aspects.
A very good start is a the MongoDB University Class: M320 Data Modeling. You may also can checkout:

There is already a lot of information available, you may also can utilize the search, we had already some posts concerning data modeling or schema design.

We will always encounter new situations, so in case the linked docs leave questions open please post them here in the community, we will try to get the best response.

Hope that helps to get familiar with the data modelling.