Creating multiple ATLAS databases for the same account

Hi guys,

We are a start-up releasing a new white label product and want to create a new database for each client in Mongodb for obvious reasons of privacy, security, ownership.

Our clients have their clients using the white label platform we provide. Is there a way to programmatically create a new Atlas Authentication Service for each client in MongoBD when we do their on-boarding?


Hello @cris ,

Could you please confirm, when a new customer is on-boarding, do you want to create a new database in your cluster programatically or do you want to add new users to your cluster programatically?

  • For creating new databases, please take a look at below blog where one of the options discusses about how to create a database using MongoDB Shell (mongosh)
  • For adding new users using MongoDB Atlas Administration API, please refer below documentation

Note: This MongoDB Cloud supports a maximum of 100 database users per project. If you require more than 100 database users on a project, contact Support.