Connecting to Mongo from Plsql

I am new to MongoDB and we are looking for Connecting to Mongodb from plsql. Please let me know is there a way we can connect to Mongodb from plsql.

MongoDB is not a relational database and doesn’t use the SQL query language, what are you trying to do with plsql and MongoDB? The MongoShell is a way to interact with MongoDB on the command line. Also there is MongoDB Compass | MongoDB MongoDB Compass a GUI tool and a VS Code extension MongoDB for VS Code - Visual Studio Marketplace.

Thanks for the Reply robert. we have existing oracle database and Mongo db both. Our requirment is to compare the data between these two databases for a table and collection and send audit email.

ok, the easiest way to do this would be to write a small app to query both oracle and mongodb. I don’t know of a tool that does this. Also data in MongoDB should never really be 1:1 mapped to a row in a table, it doesn’t enable the power of the document model and data denormalization.