Connecting Multiple GCP Projects to a Single MongoDB Atlas Instance via PSC Across Different Regions

Hi all,

I have successfully set up a MongoDB Atlas instance in the Hong Kong region and connected it to our Google Cloud Project A’s GKE A-cluster through Private Service Connect. Now, I aim to connect a second GCP project, Project B, which utilizes a GKE B-cluster in the Taiwan region, to the same MongoDB Atlas instance located in Hong Kong.


  1. Is this cross-region architecture between different GCP projects connecting to a single MongoDB Atlas instance supported?

  2. When setting up PSC, I observed that it seems to only allow specifying one region for a single project. Is this an inherent limitation, or are there workarounds to enable multi-psc configurations for multi-project?

Any insights, experiences, or references to documentation on this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Bill,

Thank you for reaching out. To answer your questions,

  1. Here is the Atlas documentation related to multi-region support:

The key points are:

i> Configure global access: About accessing published services through endpoints  |  VPC  |  Google Cloud
ii> Private Service Connect (referred going forward as PSC) must be active in all regions in which you want to deploy the multi-region cluster.

There is a blog post with additional useful details.

  1. Here is a high level relationship where ‘’ denotes ‘consists of’:
    MongoDB account → Organization → Project → Cluster

Assuming that you want to configure private networking, when you create a dedicated cluster in a region, you have to set up one PSC in the same region as the cluster to ensure you have network connectivity to your database.

PSC is a region level construct within a project. So in your case, Atlas will allow one private endpoint group in HKG and one private endpoint group in Taiwan.

You can configure global access on a PSC endpoint and make that endpoint available in other regions.

Please let us know if you have any questions.