Configure strong password user


I need to create processes that check when a user will be created the password need to follow this characteristic:

The password has a minimum length of 16.
The password is not the same as the username.
The password has at least one alpha, one numeric, and one punctuation mark character.
The password is not a simple or obvious word, such as welcome, account, database, or user.
The password differs from the previous password by at least 3 characters.

But i didn´t find how i can configure this

Hi @LUCAS_MAROLA welcome to the community!

Currently there is no built in method to enforce password complexity requirement. However this is a feature request in SERVER-7363. Please watch/upvote the ticket for updates on this.

Alternatively, you can use LDAP Authorization to enforce password complexity via LDAP. However, note that LDAP features requires the use of MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, which requires a subscription.

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Tks for your feedback.

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