[Compass] - Geolocation which is not displayed all the time, but identical formatting

Good morning all,
I am a new contributor on the forum.
We have a school project: Analysis of Tweets according to a theme. We therefore retrieve the tweets via the API and then stored the data in a Mongodb database. We now want to display them on compass for a first analysis. In particular, we want to display the locations of tweets for statistics. But it turns out that the map does not appear all the time …
We can see the two occurrences on the screenshots.
Have you ever encountered this error?

Yet the data is the same …

Thanks a lot for your help !

Welcome to the community @Antoine_Blais :grinning: !

I have no idea where it may come from.

Do you have your database on Atlas? If yes, you can try to display your points with MongoDB Charts. It’s quick and easy for your preliminary analysis. You also have more possibilities for Geospatial Charts.