Community edition vs enterprise edition for replication

Are there any advantages using enterprise edition over the community edition from the perspective of the replication

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I honestly don’t think this makes any difference for the replication. The advantages offered by the Enterprise Advanced edition aren’t at this level. Many are located around security and automation.

Some docs:

Can you be a bit more precise with your question maybe?



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In general, MongoDB Community & Enterprise server editions have the same developer features (queries, aggregation, replication, sharding, etc). As @MaBeuLux88 noted, there is no difference in the replication features.

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced adds operational & security features (encrypted and in-memory storage engines, Kerberos & LDAP auth, auditing) as well as entitlements to use additional tools including Ops Manager, BI Connector, and Enterprise Operator for Kubernetes.

If you have appropriate Enterprise licenses, Ops Manager can be advantageous to automate time-consuming admin work like deploying, monitoring, alerting, and backing up your deployments.



Hi @Stennie and @MaBeuLux88 Thanks for your solution and letting the developer community know that there is no difference in core features for the community edition and enterprise edition

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