Community Day Trivia #6: What were the first two MongoDB University Courses?

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What were the first two MongoDB University Courses?

MongoDB101 or Java, MongoDB101 for NodeJS

M101 and M102 -

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@Gopi_Sant @Sal_DiStefano Both of your answers sound plausible, but it would be great to have a reference to confirm for sure :wink:

@Sal_DiStefano The links you shared are 404 (page not found), but there are active urls that would confirm if those are previous course numbers that have been retired.


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@Stennie @sal_Distefano.

Here are the references from my course completion. M101P MongoDB for Developers and M101J MongoDB for Java

After that M102 MongoDB for DBA, M101JS MongoDB for NodeJS.


Hi @Sal_DiStefano,

I accepted your answer as closest to correct but was hoping for a few more details to make a great answer and confirm these were the original courses.

The first two MongoDB University courses were M101 (MongoDB for developers) and M102 (MongoDB for DBAs), launched in October 2012. These 6 week courses were initially using MongoDB 2.2 (the latest MongoDB server release as at the time of launch) and went through several refreshes before eventually being retired.

Updated versions of the original learning outcomes (including expanded content) can be found in the MongoDB University learning paths:

You can hear more about the current University curriculum from some of our Curriculum Services Engineers: Community Day Session #5: 1:30pm EDT - MongoDB University Squad with @SourabhBagrecha and @Kushagra_Kesav.


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