Community Day Session #5: 1:30pm EDT - MongoDB University Squad with @SourabhBagrecha and @Kushagra_Kesav

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G’day folks,

This session is starting in about 5 minutes!



Awesome session sketch from @David_Neal:


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Thanks @SourabhBagrecha & @Kushagra_Kesav for the shout out.

A pity(?) I had vacation during the community day. Looks like lots of activity and content!


I also would like to appoligize for not being able to attend. Some constructive feedback for you to consider… Being new to MongoDB and developing my own Ecommerce application with my college buddies, It is hard to get feedback on specific questions.

I ask them, but I have yet to get any feedback.

Another note for you to consider… With the big push for containerized applications, There is little documentation on how to set up the database for this kind of application. (This is mainly what my questions are about)

Love the learning though… And I am really enjoying learning MongoDB… Would love to be able to get a mentor for my professional development though.

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Hi @David_Thompson,

Thank you for the feedback!

Some questions may require a bit more context to invite responses, or could perhaps have been overlooked if posted during a particularly busy (or quiet) period.

If you haven’t received any responses, you could try bumping the question with a comment and provide an update on your progress or environment that might encourage a response.

I had a look for your unanswered topics about containers and only found Connecting to a database with a containerized application. Are there other topics to look at?

I’ll add some suggestions on the topic above, but have some speculation on why this may not have attracted any responses yet:

  • Someone skimming a topic list (for example, Latest topics or the Working with Data category) only has limited context such as category, tags, and topic title.

    • I think the title “Connecting to a database with a containerised application” sounds like this is going to be a container problem with your application rather than a data modelling / deployment discussion. You could add some tags like containers and data-modeling to provide more hints (I just did this).

    • It is difficult to know how to best describe something when you’re just getting started, but this might be better phrased as “How to structure databases for microservices”

  • Your description of what you are trying to do could be much clearer.

    • Per my title suggestion, I think you may be asking about a microservices design pattern where each service or container focuses on a narrowly scoped task.

    • However, you also describe a single cluster with 7 databases each containing a single collection where you want to have multiple collections open. The data model and relationship to your application code is unclear, but my inclination would be to reduce complexity rather than optimising for potential performance problems using an unfamiliar application design pattern.

  • This was posted just before a weekend.

    • It may have helped to add a comment after the weekend to provide an update on your progress or bump the topic in the latest list.

I think the first two informational issues are more important to address: a reasonable title to attract viewers to the topic & a clear problem description so viewers engage once they read the topic details. I catch up on new topics as my schedule allows so the time of posting aspect doesn’t have as much as an impact as topics or descriptions that require extra cognitive effort before replying.


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Thank you sooo much for your feedback. On rereading my post, I became painfully aware that I am not familiar with the proper nomenclature to use in identifying my question. After reading your response, I plan on editing my question to be a lot clearer.

I also have looked at my application and the question that I asked and I became aware that my schema is WAY off. I am now combining the 7 Databases into 2 and moving the collections into the database that makes the most sense.

Currently I have 2 databases on one collection only to take advantage of the free tier. There is plans to move them to their own cluster once the application is developed and ready for more comprehensive testing.

Thanks for your feedback and I will take your recommendations into account in future posts.