Community Day Trivia #25: Which MongoDB Java driver version added support for connection to MongoDB Atlas Serverless?

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Which MongoDB Java driver version added support for connection to MongoDB Atlas Serverless ?

This is introduced in Version 4.3
EDIT: version 4.3 of the Java driver
New features of the 4.3 Java driver release include:

  • Added support for MongoDB Versioned API. For more information, see our Versioned API guide.
  • Added support for connection to MongoDB Atlas Serverless Instances. For more information on setup, see our documentation on how to Create a New Serverless Instance
  • Added a builder API for the setWindowFields pipeline stage to allow the use of window operators
  • Added support for setting Netty io.netty.handler.ssl.SslContext
  • Added support for snapshot reads to ClientSession
  • Limited the rate of establishing new connections per connection pool
  • Removed most restrictions on allowed characters in the field names of documents you insert or replace. This is a behavioral change for any application that is relying on client-side enforcement of these restrictions.

Thanks for the great answer @Student_al_St!

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