Community Day Trivia #21: What schema design pattern solves the problem of large documents with data that isn't used frequently?

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What schema design pattern solves the problem of large documents with data that isn’t used frequently?

The Subset Pattern would solve this problem - Building with Patterns: The Subset Pattern | MongoDB Blog

Here’s the list of all the patterns - Building with Patterns: A Summary | MongoDB Blog

Kudos to Daniel and Ken for the excellent blog series!



Excellent answer @mahisatya!

I’ll be following up with a $100 Atlas promo code :slight_smile:


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Hi I’d go for an extended reference pattern since:

  • the large docs can be separated in a different collection
  • the data is not frequently used two reads or even a $lookup (if really needed) will not harm

The subset patter would match more when parts (sub sets) of the large docs are frequently used. You separate the most (and more often) used data from the large doc and keep this in a frequently used collection.


Hi @Michael,

Great perspective and potentially a more appropriate pattern depending on the data relationships (which weren’t specified for this trivia challenge). I did angle this trivia question towards how we describe the Subset pattern, but I also tried to fit everything into the topic title :slight_smile: .

I liked that @mahisatya recommended a pattern that might solve this problem but also linked to the full roster of patterns for more ideas. Choosing the most effective schema design for MongoDB depends on how data is used rather than how data is stored, so in a real world use case more discussion would be needed.


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