Community Day Trivia #33: How many courses are included in MongoDB University's Developer Learning Path?

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How many courses are included in MongoDB University’s Developer Learning Path?

The developer learning path has 10 courses.

Its 11 courses in on-demand catalog link:

The Developer Learning Path is:

  1. MongoDB Basics
  2. The MongoDB Aggregation Framework
  3. Basic Cluster Administration
  4. MongoDB Performance
  5. MongoDB for Developers (Java / JavaScript / Python / .NET)
  6. Data Modeling



Thanks @MARIA_GONZALEZ, those are indeed the courses included in MongoDB University’s Developer Learning Path.

Learning paths are a recommended series of courses selected from the overall course catalog. There are currently 10 (or 11) individual Developer Courses per the links that @logwriter and @turivishal shared, but the Developer Learning Path focuses on 6*. The * is because the Developer Learning Path includes M220 but that represents four language-specific course codes at the moment (M220J: Java, M220JS: Node.js, M220N: .NET, and M220P: Python). If additional M220 variations are added in future, they would still be on this learning path as they have the same learning objectives.

@SourabhBagrecha and @Kushagra_Kesav described the courses and learning path approach in their MongoDB University Squad session at Community Day.

I’ll be following up with a $100 Atlas promo code :slight_smile: