Cluster upgrade stuck for over 12 hours

Small db less than 1000 documents

"Your cluster is being upgraded

It will be unavailable for a few minutes during the conversion"

Stuck for over 12 hours now. Chat support unresponsive. Need help

Hi @Acs

Welcome to MongoDB community.

This metter is best covered by our support plans. Please register to one of our support plans and contact support.

This can be done simply by clicking the support tab and registering.


Hi Acs, This sounds really frustrating: I’m sorry to hear this happened. Did you ultimately get help?


@Acs did you ever resolve this? I’ve just done M0 to M2 and it’s stalled upgrading with the message:

Your cluster is being upgraded…
It will be unavailable for a few minutes during the conversion.

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I’ve also done an M0 to M2 upgrade and its been stuck for serveral hours with the same message. My prod DB is down and I cannot even access the backups. This is really bad.

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Hi @Jordan_Burgess and @Neil_Docherty ,

As mentioned before, those issues are covered by Atlas support.

Please note that the M0 cluster is a for development and getting started purposes, it is not for production use.


Were you able to figure out the issue and resolved it?
I am stuck now at the same place. This is such idiocity of MonGo to make user get stuck and then push them to buy such highly expensive Support.

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I think I ended up just scrapping it and repopulating the data (luckily that was an option). I left the company I was doing this for over a year ago so I don’t have access to notes, etc… anymore to give a more concrete answer. We were moving to the hire tier to get backups working as we moved out of the development and into the production phase of the project. The irony of the situation wasn’t lost.

The developer support tier has a FREE trial as well as the existing FREE in-app support:

Hello, i’m facing the same issue and I don’t mind paying for support because we have our users database on there.

Tried to register for support plan but I couldn’t create a case.

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Hi @Jeroid_Limited,

Please contact the atlas in-app chat support regarding raising a support case but also mention the stuck upgrade. In saying so, the same linked page has the instructions on how to create a support case in the Developer & Premium Support Plans tab.