Christchurch MongoDB User Group #1

Christchurch MongoDB User Group #1


Welcome to the Christchurch :new_zealand: MongoDB User Group!

We’re hosting our first event on Thursday 16-November, and it would be great to see you there!

The team at Lumin have kindly offered to host us for the evening at their offices at 101/210 Armagh Street. Complimentary drinks and snacks will be available, proudly sponsored by the team at MongoDB.

5:00pm - Arrivals
5:30pm - MongoDB & Lumin - Welcome
5:35pm - Talk 1 - Lumin’s Journey with MongoDB
5:50pm - Q&A
6:00pm - Talk 2 - Retrieval Augmented Generation (i.e. how to build useful GenAI tools)
6:15pm - Kahoot
6:25pm - Wrap-up
6:30pm - Networking and Food
7:30pm - Close

Max Ferguson - (linkedin) - The evolution of Lumin architecture: From 1 annotation to 1 billion. Max be presenting about how the technical architecture of Lumin has evolved from a simple design to support a small number of people to a large-scale platform that supports templates, signing, login across multiple products etc (of course spending some time on the API.)

John Morgan - (linkedin) - Gen AI (think ChatGPT and similar LLMs) is incredible, but so far it’s been hard to build genuinely useful tools without compromising on things like hallucinations, context & accuracy. John will be talking about Retrieval Augmented Generation and the simple architecture behind MongoDB’s chat AI based documentation tool.


Event Type: In-Person
Location: Lumin 210 Armagh Street · Christchurch