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Hi, have been toying with charts for the last week considering it as an option to include it in our customer portals. We deliver a chatbot service for our customers and have a portal where our customers can modify flows, nlp and we want to add a better reporting solution.

Enabled charts, create some data sources and started creating some portals. What is really nice is that it’s easy to create nice graphs quite quickly and share dashboards. Created a small server to call the shared graphs and looking at taking that into production.

Things I have questions about, maybe misunderstanding on my side, or are not working as I expected.

  1. User rights on Atlas. I f I want to give non technical people access to editing portals / graphs I need to add them to the project. When I do this they get way to much access (can see security settings, bill info, start stitch apps). I would like to add a user that just has access to charts.

  2. I would like an option to controle things more from an automation point of view. Now setting up a portal with embedded charts is quite a bit of manual work. Things like embedding a dashboard would be nice. Also when I copy a dashboard and then change the data source, the queries disappear.

  3. A ‘where’ query was not recognized
    db.collection.find( { $where: function() { today = new Date(); // today.setHours(0,0,0,0); return (this._id.getTimestamp() >= today) } } );

  4. When I embed charts I cannot remove the background color. I can alter the background color for the iframe, but the graphs keep their white backgrounds.

Hi @Arnold_Ligtvoet -

Thanks for checking out Charts and for your great questions!

  1. While we are looking to make permissions more granular, have you looked at granting the Project Data Access Read Only permission to users? That will allow them to build charts but gives minimal additional permissions. Alternatively if you grant Project Read Only access, those users can be given access to individual dashboards but they cannot create their own charts.

  2. We do plan to provide an API for automating charts eventually. One way you can embed dashboards now is by generating a public link and loading that in an iframe. The loss of queries when you switch data sources in a chart is something we’ll also look at.

  3. Correct, $where is unsupported in Charts, although you can use simple Javascript expressions in the query bar that would let you accomplish the same thing

  4. For iframe-embedded charts, if you specify the theme parameter in the query string, the chart will show with a transparent background unless loaded full screen. If you omit the theme parameter we always show a light background - we did this to retain compatibility with how the product worked before we introduced themes.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Hi Tom,

thanks for the answers. I will try 3 and 4. On the permissions I have now created a test user on my private email address. This user now has ‘Project Data Access Read Only’ and on the access manager the account shows as ‘Organization Read Only’ (also tested with ‘Organization Member’).

The things I notice:

  • getting welcome emails on that email address and invites for meetings with MongoDB
  • getting invites to invite my team

When I login with that account:

  • I can see network access info (ip, peering)
  • database access (roles and usernames, collection info)
  • see advanced security info
  • start stitch configs

That seems way too much info for a charts user…

Thanks @Arnold_Ligtvoet, good feedback. We’re looking into this. Also you may want to watch/vote on this Feedback Engine suggestion which is asking for something very similar.


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