Change function runtime node version

Hello, a process.version shows the current version of node is v10.18.1.
Is there any way we can change this? i could not find anything about this topic.

Thank You

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i wonder too, if i could switch nodejs version used in realm function runtime.
currently, i couldn’t update third party module cause nodejs version is low


This is also a major issue for us. I’ve also reported my concerns to the premium support and one of their product manager. They are aware of this limitation.

I’ve also created this feedback:

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This is important. Using old Node v10 syntax and limitations is not good for productivity.

I’m mainly missing two things:

  • Optional chaining
  • Date with specified time zone as in new Date('2022-04-14 16:46:08 (CET)')

I was hoping that MongoDB 6.0 would bring an update to the Node engine, but no.

When can we expect an update?