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Hi! Recently I was trying to get npm dependency firebase-admin v11.11.0 into an Atlas cloud function to send push notifications to user, but noticed that the required nodejs version is 14+ and saw that functions run on Nodejs v10. To compensate for this I had to move the logic to AWS lambda function and essentially handle two triggers because of it (one from mongo db and one to trigger an aws lambda function from my mongo trigger). I came across this forum post that talked about adding support for certain packages by request and was wondering if there already is for firebase-admin, otherwise this would be a request for that.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @Jorge_Zuniga some customers have been successfully using firebase-admin, I know that v10.0.2 works and you can try more recent versions of it (e.g. v10.x.y).

I’d recommend testing that out and see if that works for you and let us know if you see specific errors. We are able to circumvent the node version requirement because our runtime is custom. The v10 referenced in our docs is more about us guaranteeing that v10 API is largely supported but it’s tricky been able to identify which other features from later versions are supported and which ones are not yet.

While I understand this can make things confusing we are working internally to iron that out and make sure it is more intuitive understanding what can work and what doesn’t. Additionally we plan on identifying the gaps preventing us from officially provide large support for later versions.

That said, let me know how your test goes!

Did you, or anyone, ever get this working in the end? Im struggling to get firebase-admin to work properly for auth on functions and was wondering if its due to missing dependencies or something?

I am successfully using firebase-admin 10.0.2 as @Gabriele_Cimato advised.
For me its working for sending notifications through FCM, but I didn’t try anything else yet.

Ah okay, it seems there is an issue in verifyIdToken then as that doesnt work even on 10.0.2.
Thanks anyway!

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